Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mangoessss and Mickey

Juicy mangoes....yumm yummm.... actually it reminds me of the movie 'Bend it like Beckham' when the auntie said "I'll turn your mosquito bites into juicy mangoes" hHHAHAhhHAa.a... ok no lewd talks here.

My first memory of ever serving a mango sliced this way was after my parents came back from their trip to the Phillipines (WITHOUT us!!!!). They didn't even tell us they were going on a holiday. I still remember that morning very was weird that dad didn't drive us to school and we had to car pool with the neighbours. Then we got home after find grandma waiting for us and letting us know that they've gone away. My poor baby sister held the front door gates and was crying though our parents were going to hear her and come back to get her. My parents have a thing for going away on holidays without telling their children. Which reminded me again when they left me to go tour the USA!!!!! and yes grandma was there to take care of me..i was only 2 then....poor me poor me. But hey, I got a mickey mouse hat with ears on it....and cool MICKEY MOUSE CLUB videos and all.....those were the days....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Soaring Temperatures in Melbourne

A Dark dawn: the western edge of the Melbourne CBD.
Photo: Craig Dixon from 'THE AGE'

Its been insanely warm in Victoria in the past few days due to the bushfire at the Gippsland.... When i woke up yesterday (saturday), I was surprised to see Melbourne city covered in haze....being the usual DOH person I thought it would be cold.... then i realised that it was the smoke from the bushfires!!!!!! Oh my oh my... I thought there was fire nearby and probably a lot of victorians felt the same way too and started dialing '000'...i didn't do anything like that...
Baking skills

I'm no Donna Hay or Martha Stewart but I think my gingerbread man and christmas cookies look SUPERB!!! Don't know about the taste though.....Gingerbread are suppose to taste nasty but they look so cute....maybe I should've made a hole at the top so I can hang it on my invisible Christmas tree (note to self: should buy a christmas tree....even if its a mini one...hehhee).

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Exams OVER (since 22nd November)

I'm so glad the days of crazy studying and munching on whatever is available in the fridge/pantry are over (only for the rest of this year)....then back to Uni again next year to start another battle year......until i graduate and can officially drill people's teeth! woopeee

For those that i've happily told u about my sinusitis....which included describing how disgusting the things that came out of my nostril.... and then how the wonderful medication helped me through exams....ITS BACK again.....damn...but this time its milder. The GP gave me a different medication this time and i'll have to take it for a longer period....hopefully it'll work. My nose definately has its own brain.....

Friday, December 08, 2006

This the season for the cheeries (fa la la la la la la la la)

yummy yummy....This is the first time I've ever stayed back in melbourne til this late in December and I;m glad i did cos there are cheeries everywhere (not everywhere on the streets la).... I dragged myself through the summer heat to Victoria Market the other and bought a 2 kg box of fat big momma cheeries for my sister to bring back to malaysia...and I was so stupid to buy it as the first item when i reached the market. I had to carry it all the way while I bought other stuff (fish....vegies....and all). Should have only gone to the cherry stall at the end but the temptation was too great.....but alas...the taste of sweet cheeries made the punishing trip to Vic mart an OK one.......

I bought the fish and some other stuff to make up a nice lunch for my bro and Joe. They were surprised why they were being fed such a nice meal in the middle of the day. I usually do not even bother cooking anything fancy for lunch. But but but.....ta daaaaaa.....I present to you my Tomato Chili Relish with fisheeee

Thursday, November 30, 2006

What is Movember ??

Movember - Changing the face of Men's HealthMovember (the month formally known as November) is a charity event held during November each year.At the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants known as Mo Bros then have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their moustache and along the way raise as much money and awareness about male health issues as possible.
I didn't even realise that the M on the MX newspapers that we get had a 'Mo' on it for the entire month of november until the last day of november.....that is so cool.....

Sunday, October 01, 2006 nudie!!!

So lovely to have this chilled drink on a warm Sunday afternoon while strolling in the park with my dog. I absolutely love those nudie juices but they're a bit costly. 3 bucks for this teenie weenie bottle of goodness HMMmmm....but this is a limited one so I guess thats a good enough reason to buy it.....hehhee... yummmm. lick lick.


My stomach is rumbling....its only 4.30pm. Must be the Nudie Juice making me hungry..Dinner time is not until v.late tonight cos i've got to attend church service at 7pm. Was suppose to have these lovely things for tomorrow.....but the fruit muffin and apple twist seem to be talking to me "EAT ME...EAT Meeee"

ChOM CHOM CHOM... sigh...I ate them.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


I'm Very hungry and needed to eat something warm so i decided its time to eat rice....but there;s nothing to eat my rice with. Looked inside my fridge and found that it was empty. The only edible thing was some Tim Tams, two Pears, 3 Apples, half a red Capsicum, Jam, butter, and eggs......
oh dear...luckily i found that there's this Japanese rice seasoning was in my kitchen trolly!!!! Yeah so my rice is all ready in the rice cooker...and in goes my seasoning....and u have a happy Chiew!
New Pets

Have u ever had one of those days when u really have to buy something? You don't know what it is but u just need to spend? I went for a haircut earlier that morning @ Prahran...then went back to the city...and went pass a fish shop and saw that it was on SALE! hehehe....crazy yeah...even fishes go on sale! So I got sucked into buying 2 little fishy and the owner gave a 3rd one for FREE!!!!.... yeah and then it died not so long after...

The black one died first...then the free one died a few days later...and now i'm left with the 'koi' looking one. That one is still alive!!! its been 3 weeks now since the last death...maybe he assasinated the other two!!!!! MURDERER!!!! I was going to call the fish Dorothy cos Elmo's goldfish was Dorothy too...but after thinking he might have killed the other two...we've decided to name it ASSASINatoR (assasin + terminator)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Should I sacrifice my love for stylo-milo shoes for comfortable icky shoes?

Was in Myers with my primary/secondary school buddy Wai Yee and found these "Special" looking shoes in the Basement. HMMmMmm. Holes in the shoes for ventilation? Weird weird...

I need to buy some shoes.... criteria: STYLISH...and also have soles that don't wear down so fast. I think I walk shoe soles tend to wear in a 'sliced' way. But those good comfortable shoes are quite Ajuma-style (aunty style).

Shoe hunt mission is still in progress....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ski weekend

We stayed off mountain at this cool swedish place called Svarmisk! Its brand new and very very swedish feel.....hehhee...don't know how to explain it. Everything inside is very Sleek...not cheap like Ikea..

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Plant attempt No.2

This little cactus was from the nursery in Sassfras...opposite the Tea Place. Hopefully this will last longer than the green bean plant i grew in June. Yupe that one died on me too.....

Not too sure if u can see it in this pic but my cactus had a little flower growing at the tip of the long stem...until my dog ate it while i placed in on the balcony for some sun!!!!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006


LOBSTER sushi....AS IF!!! I used carrots as feelers! hehhehe.. Made this pretty sad looking tuna/egg/carrot sushi for dinner. I can't roll proper sushi.. so its kinda wonky! but its still vinegared rice with stuff in it!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sweet tooth

Bought these two lovely things from the Cafe downstairs. Chocolate and the other is Lemon.....yummmmmmmm
Botanical time....

Its been months since I've updated my blog! Been slacking after exams and forgetting to take pictures...

This duck dish was from The Botanical restaurant @ Domain .... it was not exactly that great....tasted really sweet. I can't remember what they had on it besides it being a duck!!!! I had it some time in June...

The oysters served are given really cool names...and they taste pretty good too! (Joe's opinion....) I don't like to eat fresh osyters.... I like them lightly fried Tempura style, Steamed chinese way or Italian Kilpatrick style!

The just a fish......on a big piece of seaweed

Monday, June 19, 2006

Felicia's birthday

Oh that was AGES ago...and the cake is still standing!!! Our lovely cuz Diana gave her this cute looking cake from Myers (its actually really tiny. The picture is deceiving..Its actually edible! But yeah...too pretty to sink our teeth into it...and lets not forget the amount of sugar it contains (its practically PRESERVED from all that sugar and colouring)

And yes..I should be studying.....but I'm getting really bored after studying for so long......and eating too many persimmons.....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Blue birds fly...etc etc....can't remember the lyrics. I participated in my primary school musical The Wizard of 1991. I was a munchkin ballerina. Hehehee.... And i was the special one that got to hold Dorothy's hand! AWWWW....good memories.

Yeah...there was this pretty looking rainbow (actually two if u see clearly....there's a faint one above it...) about two weeks lasted only for a minute and i was lucky enough to see it. Should've jumped right of the building to search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Simple stir fry

Made this simple beef stir fry with lots of capsicum and onion. Why is red capsicum more expensive than green ones?

Lee Hom - Kiss Goodbye

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Too much to study.....

I have been keeping myself LOCKED up at home.... surviving on easy meals and good old noodles...every flavour u can imagine... tonkatsu, sesame, kimchi, laksa, curry, mee goreng. I wonder how much damage its doing to my brain....i think i can feel my memory cells are atrophying...hehhee.

Used my lunch break time to update my OUT-of-DATE blog.....

Joe has been suggesting that I should get some green plants in my house to make the place more oxygenated...well...its been months and i still haven;t got any form of flora or fauna. However, things are starting ..... cos I PLANTED something!!! Green beans soaked in cotton wool...HEHEHe... You know how u used to do those science projects in primary school? I know its lame..... but I'm bored!!!!! But hey, its pretty cute....and tasty (cos my dog ate some of it!!!!!!) EWWW

Also, enclosed is a pic of Muffin's playmate....a pink piggy. It happened to be sitting upright I had to take a pic of it. I got it from the Reject Shop! TOO CUTE!!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nibbles when studying

FOOD....I need proper food....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Winter Hot Pot at home...

Looking back at his pic taken about a month ago makes me hungry. All the 'balls' beef, pork, fish, taro+fish, squid, mushroom, vege, and the final udon in the tasty broth.....salivating now...........

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Red bean + barley soup... didn't exactly do much cooking except dumping the stuff into a slow cooker overnight and add rock sugar the next morning! Voila! I like it because its not too thick (like the ones they serve at Asian restaurants after dinner)..its easier to swallow and doesn't feel like sand going down your throat!! Most important NOT TOO SWEET......Caries...mmMMmm

Then I tried cooking curry for dinner......accidently added TOO MUCH I ended up with TONNES of gravy...and little actual fridge was actually running low on any edible human food! More like living on staples (something like the losers on Big Brother when they fail a task!). I had chicken pieces, some carrot and a potato.....and I had to eat that thing i created for dinner on monday, tuesday lunch (packed it for school), and Tuesday dinner....ohhh my no more Jap curry for me........ I think my bro would have to agree with me on that one...he even had it for BREAKFAST!!!!! Go bro! you must love your sister's cooking!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

MINERS are out...(finally) 09/05/2006

Those brave Beaconsfield can finally have a breath of fresh air...after 2 weeks???? They sure made world news. Even talk show queen Oprah wants to have them on her show! AMAZING!!!
I've been in a mine Central Deborah Gold Mine in Bendigo! Joe and I took the tour and we went down 20 storeys (dunno how far that is but is sure damn far enough for me!!!!!). It was really cool cos we got to wear safety helmets with miner's lamps attached infront! Big daggy... :) Underneath the surface, it was wet and cold...the ceiling is not very high so claustrophobic people are not advised to be there....and VERY DARK!!!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Autumn Dog walk

Muffin my spoilt little dog....took him for a walk today after class. The ground was still a little wet from the massive downpour we had over the weekend. Melbourne is almost all brown now....and we'll be having a miserable COLD, DARK and LONG winter this year....

He was happily walking (actually more like PROUDLY walking)....sniffing at other dog's bladder release (pee) and occassionally marking his spot on trees and lamp posts! DOH!

Gave him a bath after the walk....and he was probabaly feeling really nice and warm...that he feel into his bed IMMEDIATELY! Note: the little Tarepanda on his bed...his favourite toy! (He humps it too! hahahhaaa....EWWwwww)

Glutinous Dumpling

My bro and sis bought some traditional dumpling the other was really really nice (but mum still makes the best!). The inside was pork, mushroom and chestnut! Very tasty..... but i still prefer the red bean ones! MUM MAKE SOME and send them over DHL!!!!

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Its been a while since I last updated this blog cos I've been away and mostly lazy. Like I mentioned earlier, I was in Perth for the Easter break..doing touristy stuff and even hugged a KOALA. There're not that friendly...cos it kinda made a hole in my cardigan!

A)Tried chasing some deer...gee they're fast!
B)Perth weather is AWESOME!!! Its 22 degrees almost the whole time i was there...The sun is out all the its GREAT! No hugging yourself when the wind blows!
C)Seafood was plentiful...and cheap
D)Wineries everywhere...the one i went to was called Houghton (apparently its a HK favourite!) dunno why...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Greetings

Look at those cute little things Chloe made!!!!! Salivating Easter Eggs in baby socks.

I still haven't opened mine cos they look too cute to chomp. THANKS CHLOE and STeffie for throwing such a FABULOUS easter get-together. The food was great and most important photo sessions and chitty chatty times was the MOST BESTEST! I am yet to load the pics we took together because its in Joe's super mama camera and I dunno how to use it. Promise I will!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Tried this Shanghainese Restaurant in Prahran on Saturday night. Its pretty posh for a Chinese restaurant..Nice music and has attracted a lot of Aussies (not just your local asians). They're in the Good Food Guide too! Apparently their Soup is really nice but we weren't in SOUP mood so save it for next time (hint: pretty good thats why i'm going back!).

4 Cecil Pl, Prahran. Basically just turn right/left from Chapel St. Very near and easy to get parking at nite. Must try!

Scrabled Egg white with Scallop and Crab Meat (served with black vinegar)

Shanghai Dumpling (xiao lung pao)

Young bamboo shoot with weird vegie

Yummy Deep fried golden almond jelly with ground black sesame! Served warm! mMmM