Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Is This Man The Future?

(image from www.theage.com.au)

We Can Believe In

More than any other presidential candidate in recent history, Barack Obama has a unique capacity to listen to other voices around the world.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My body works better with Burgen

I've been watching too much The Biggest Loser lately. Can't help it because that's my dinner time...and yes I do eat infront of the telly....I know its bad. But its my habit...and I get entertained while eating. I enjoy looking at them exercise, crying, gossiping about each other....

I'd have to say I wasn't lured into buying the Burgen bread because of the millions of times the Burgen advertisement comes on when the show is on. It was because it was on sale at Boccacio's. The usual price is about $AUD 5? I think that fateful Sunday, it was on specials...and it was bout $AUD 3.26?? Can't remember. I realised that there wasn't much left of the bread on the shelf. There were two Soy and Linseed and 2 Rye. Hmmm...decisions decisions..I picked up the loaf, it was really heavy (must be the gazillions of seeds)...so then came a lady with her shopping trolley. She stood next to me and picked up the Soy and Linseed loaf without even having to check the expirary date!!!! That must be a good choice!!!!!! Ok...that was all i needed to convince me to buy the bread. Give the poor bread a chance..... :) She picked it out of so many breads without thinking...(i'm sure that lady has a brain).

I have been buying it since...I keep it in the fridge...and later in the freezer if I can't finish them...they still taste great after that. I think the seeds are keeping me full.......it just seems healthier....but not when i pile on loads of peanut butter or nuttella tough......sorry bread...i destroyed you.....

Will load a proper picture of the Burgen bread loaf when I take a picture of it.