Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Too much to study.....

I have been keeping myself LOCKED up at home.... surviving on easy meals and good old noodles...every flavour u can imagine... tonkatsu, sesame, kimchi, laksa, curry, mee goreng. I wonder how much damage its doing to my brain....i think i can feel my memory cells are atrophying...hehhee.

Used my lunch break time to update my OUT-of-DATE blog.....

Joe has been suggesting that I should get some green plants in my house to make the place more oxygenated...well...its been months and i still haven;t got any form of flora or fauna. However, things are starting ..... cos I PLANTED something!!! Green beans soaked in cotton wool...HEHEHe... You know how u used to do those science projects in primary school? I know its lame..... but I'm bored!!!!! But hey, its pretty cute....and tasty (cos my dog ate some of it!!!!!!) EWWW

Also, enclosed is a pic of Muffin's playmate....a pink piggy. It happened to be sitting upright I had to take a pic of it. I got it from the Reject Shop! TOO CUTE!!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nibbles when studying

FOOD....I need proper food....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Winter Hot Pot at home...

Looking back at his pic taken about a month ago makes me hungry. All the 'balls' beef, pork, fish, taro+fish, squid, mushroom, vege, and the final udon in the tasty broth.....salivating now...........

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Red bean + barley soup... didn't exactly do much cooking except dumping the stuff into a slow cooker overnight and add rock sugar the next morning! Voila! I like it because its not too thick (like the ones they serve at Asian restaurants after dinner)..its easier to swallow and doesn't feel like sand going down your throat!! Most important NOT TOO SWEET......Caries...mmMMmm

Then I tried cooking curry for dinner......accidently added TOO MUCH I ended up with TONNES of gravy...and little actual fridge was actually running low on any edible human food! More like living on staples (something like the losers on Big Brother when they fail a task!). I had chicken pieces, some carrot and a potato.....and I had to eat that thing i created for dinner on monday, tuesday lunch (packed it for school), and Tuesday dinner....ohhh my no more Jap curry for me........ I think my bro would have to agree with me on that one...he even had it for BREAKFAST!!!!! Go bro! you must love your sister's cooking!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

MINERS are out...(finally) 09/05/2006

Those brave Beaconsfield can finally have a breath of fresh air...after 2 weeks???? They sure made world news. Even talk show queen Oprah wants to have them on her show! AMAZING!!!
I've been in a mine Central Deborah Gold Mine in Bendigo! Joe and I took the tour and we went down 20 storeys (dunno how far that is but is sure damn far enough for me!!!!!). It was really cool cos we got to wear safety helmets with miner's lamps attached infront! Big daggy... :) Underneath the surface, it was wet and cold...the ceiling is not very high so claustrophobic people are not advised to be there....and VERY DARK!!!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Autumn Dog walk

Muffin my spoilt little dog....took him for a walk today after class. The ground was still a little wet from the massive downpour we had over the weekend. Melbourne is almost all brown now....and we'll be having a miserable COLD, DARK and LONG winter this year....

He was happily walking (actually more like PROUDLY walking)....sniffing at other dog's bladder release (pee) and occassionally marking his spot on trees and lamp posts! DOH!

Gave him a bath after the walk....and he was probabaly feeling really nice and warm...that he feel into his bed IMMEDIATELY! Note: the little Tarepanda on his bed...his favourite toy! (He humps it too! hahahhaaa....EWWwwww)

Glutinous Dumpling

My bro and sis bought some traditional dumpling the other was really really nice (but mum still makes the best!). The inside was pork, mushroom and chestnut! Very tasty..... but i still prefer the red bean ones! MUM MAKE SOME and send them over DHL!!!!