Friday, May 27, 2011

Japan Part 2

I am running out of ideas on this post....
Will write short notes on these pictures....

Breathtaking views to enjoy while we skied away.....

It was soooooo cold up on the slopes...

Happy New Year!!!
People were at the temple making wishes to their Japanese god.....

Getting their car 'blessed' by this scary looking man in a green robe.
I hope he was blessing it....not performing an exorcism :P

Washing their hands outside the temple before going into the temple

In Otaru... where its famous for glassware and musical boxes.
This has sooooooo many musical boxes. I regret now not buying one.

I would have bought this one... 2 dahschunds playing the violin and the flute
* Back to Hokkaido again???? Yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

Yupe..... i got sucked into buying a Burberry Blue Label scarf.
I bought it only because its exclusive to Japan... :p