Thursday, June 05, 2008

Should I adopt Nico?

How can anyone not fall in love with those cute lil puppy eyes....awwww......
As most of my friends know, my dog Muffin was an adopted dog from the Lost Dog's Home. So i'm always promoting dog adoption instead of buying a dog from the pet shops. I think every dog should be given a second chance to have a home and someone to care and love them.

I've been having thoughts in regards of having a 2nd dog. Joe and I do want another dog but we need to consider a lot of things.....2 dogs....double trouble..and if we go away, we need someone to care for TWO dogs..... even though Muffin is an extremely well behaved dog (except his running away problem^^)....two dogs is not going to be easy.

I sent Joe this photo today on MSN...and he said its cute...but its a Jack'll destroy our home....and if we were to leave him in the backyard, we'll be proud owners of a backyard with LOTS OF Jack Russells love to dig and dig and dig!!!! Oh dear....what should I do? I guess someone else will definately adopt Nico.....just not me... TT