Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Moon and my Strawberry Mooncakes

(photo by Peter Matthews @ http://www.theage.com.au/)

Forgot to mention about last week's lunar eclipse...I've seen this before when I was in M'sia many years ago...dun really remember much about it though. But I do remember when it was the sun being eclipsed by the moon!!!!! What issit called again? That was when the day suddenly turned DARK...and we were told not to look directly upon the sun even though it was dark as the rays would be very harmful...And then sleazy sales people started selling "SAFE" sunnies to vulnerable people who want to stare at the sun....thank goodness I wasn't that dumb. I do remember that day.....a very long time ago.

That night in Melbourne when the lunar eclipse happened, I remembered about it around 4 pm but then dinner came....i was too absorbed in eating mum's dinner that I forgot about it until after it happened....I managed to catch the end bit of it...so the moon was covered maybe 20%? Tried taking a picture of it but failed miserably as it was too cold on my balcony....and maybe poor technique (my camera is not crap!!!!) :)
So...to celebrate missing out on the event...we took out our Moon cakes and ATE IT! Yayyyy!!!! This is so random.......hehhee....

This mooncake is imported from HK. Joe's mum use to bring them over when she's here close to the mooncake/mid-autumn festival. But this year, I saw it on sale in Chinatown. You can't see it on the shelves, it would be stored in a fridge as it needs to be kept cold...unlike the usual baked brown ones. This is mochi-style moon cakes and the filling inside is sooooo soooo worth the extra kilos you might pile on...hahaha its not that bad la...

This is the BIGGEST size available....with 8 mooncakes (7 med/1 large)..... my favourite is the sago/pomelo/mango followed by the Strawberry (the sticker says strawberry princess in chinese)..