Sunday, October 01, 2006 nudie!!!

So lovely to have this chilled drink on a warm Sunday afternoon while strolling in the park with my dog. I absolutely love those nudie juices but they're a bit costly. 3 bucks for this teenie weenie bottle of goodness HMMmmm....but this is a limited one so I guess thats a good enough reason to buy it.....hehhee... yummmm. lick lick.


My stomach is rumbling....its only 4.30pm. Must be the Nudie Juice making me hungry..Dinner time is not until v.late tonight cos i've got to attend church service at 7pm. Was suppose to have these lovely things for tomorrow.....but the fruit muffin and apple twist seem to be talking to me "EAT ME...EAT Meeee"

ChOM CHOM CHOM... sigh...I ate them.