Thursday, August 30, 2007

People with TOO much

On my recent trip to sweaty HK....we came across the new Louis Vuitton Concept Store that was yet to open......and it had this MASSIVE bag over it (fake of course!)...then somewhere on the Right side of this soon-to-be megastore, was the current LV store which was already pretty impressively big (compared to our small itsy melbourne/collins store)...and it had this long queue of tourists waiting for their turn to get into the shop and spend their cash! I thought this was a one day thing....but everyday when we pass by it.....its the SAME! It wasn't even on sale...and these guys start queing from the moment the shop opens its door for business.... I'm not that insane yet to line up and let them take my money....

The queue outside the shop

In the mood to Blog...or not?

My last blog entry was on the 15th July! Thats like 1.5 months ago. The past winter months have been too cold...too cold to do anything...hmmm actually lets recap what Van has been up to (July-Aug):

1) Came back from Malaysia and HK hols + with mum

2) Got keys to new house (yipeeeeee!!)

3) Went white goods hunting

4) Spoilt ourselves rotten with a luxurious bed

5) Joe's Birthday....followed by Stef's birthday party (the sunday where Joe and I were prim and proper...not that we're messy and indecent^^)

6) Florist hunting (9 am appointment in Geelong..... -____-

7) ATE a LOT with Joe's boss and Hamilton Hospital work mates (one with the nickname Bin Laden...he's Viet by the way so no terrorist attempts there)

8) Watched Phantom of the Opera!!!!!! except it was pretty crappy seats...... so i think we'll probably watch it again either in Melbourne again.....or in London..... during our honeymoon? haha.... Haven't planned anything yet so not too sure where we're going.

9) Attended marriage preparation classes......hehhee... its pretty good! I highly recommend couples to attend before getting married.
10) Watched the Lunar Eclipse.....actually i missed the entire thing...and only saw the last bits. Oh well...I've seen so many of this kind of stuff....we had the total Sun Ecslipe thing in Malaysia when i was in high school...then meteorite shower or something.... no biggy la....
11) Decided I should BLOG again....and I WATCHED THE SIMPSONS!!!!

Spider Pig Spider Pig...