Sunday, March 26, 2006

Going Away

Will be headed for Perth soon....can't wait to sink my teeth into Corica's apple strudel when I'm there. I think i'll be there the whole mid sem break...hmmMMmm Boring.....

After Friday's killer Mid Sem exam....i decided that I needed more food to make my brain size more information in. Food of Choice was at Matteos'....unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera (as usual...tummy growling power is greater than my pea brain)....So i've got a pic of pineapple fried rice, pippi in XO sauce and some vietnamese steamed rice paper roll with Stuff inside (it wasn't that great...maybe its because i dun like viet food..hhhahaha).

Thursday, March 23, 2006

No time to cook

1)I've been up studying lately..and find it really really hard to wake up for 8 am lectures. Eg today, Miss Chiew missed her morning Infection Control lecture!!!!! Thank God for wonderful/hard working friends like Mr Anthony B who likes to call Hana and I the GentleWomen.

2)A quick fix of morning caffeine is a must nowadays. Otherwise I have no energy. I went to Blue Zone cafe all by myself the first week of Uni. It was depressing cos it made me miss my girlie group so much....The blueberry muffin, The ham cheese tomato toasted croissant, free Herald Sun newspaper...mmmMMmm... ugly red/yellow/blue coffee tables...who can forget??

3)I really like flowers in the house! It makes the room prettier..fresher(not sure about it if the flower is left to wither on its own....ewwwww..). Must go steal some flowers from Flagstaff gardens this weekend....NAUGHTY NAUGHTY..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Had dinner at Ezard @ Adelphi hotel...mmmMM nice as usual. This time the chef had a Thai thingy happening. Everything seems to be tangy. Loads of young papaya, lime. Too much taste happening at one go! I had stingray! EXOTIC!

The desert tasting plate ended the dinner perfectly...we got to taste everything Ezard had to offer....simply too good.... Honey comb something, panna cotta with vanilla something, mint something...chocolate something....

Monday, March 06, 2006

Something FISHY

Hongkie Men seem to have an obsession.....FISH!!!!!! Look at the crowd infront of this fishy shop...100% middle aged men...maybe even balding...pot bellied...etc (just use your imagination). They place fishy fishy in the plastic bags, label it and hang it on the wires! Unbelievable! Only in HK.
-ReD ReD-

I saw this stall selling red 'SEXY' men's underwear on Hong Kong's Fa Yuen St!!!! HKD 5 each. The words on it are 'Fatt' 'Fook' 'Yeng'. Meaning Riches, Prosperity, and Win. SOOOOOoooo Funny! I just had to take a picture of it for the Blog. Was gonna buy it for some guy friends (hahhaa...Adriana, I wanted to get it for Alex but scared that you'll hang me on the ceiling). I guess the guy holding the underwear in the picture must be considering in buying one...maybe wear it when he plays Mah Jong during CNY! We Chinese are So WEIRD...we'd do anything to win money.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Its TOO Warm! Can't sleep properly at night! Even Muffin smells funny... I spent my the melting days at my room...eating IL DOLCE gelati. We bought a huge container of it....4 flavours. Durian, Roche, Green Tea, Mango....Yummm

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back to Uni

Can't believe I'm back in Uni... Spent the whole afternoon looking down my groupmate's mouth, checking out her multicoloured braces...These kids do not have any fillings! I was so ashamed to tell them that I've had 3 root canals done, 2 crowns. I will load real pics of their mouths (yummmmy) when I find my SD card reader/cable. In the mean time, I found this picture on the net and I think its really funny...hehhee....