Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Breakfast - with New Gadget

Ever since I laid my eyes on this UFO looking egg poacher/cooker I knew I had to get it. It was just the cutest thing ever! 

It had legs, wings, a tail, and it tweets when the eggs are done.
It came with 2 free egg cups too! Bonus!

Eating soft boiled eggs brought back lots of childhood memories. Most of you would know that I hate eating egg yolks (especially runny ones). I never order poached eggs, always scrambled. Mum used to have to force me to finish my soft boiled eggs...and I'd do it by adding lashings of soya sauce to that I could only taste the soya sauce..and not the eggy suphur smell.

Things haven't changed after 20 ++ years. I'm still adding soya sauce.... love it to bits. I'm so Asian... At least I am eating egg yolks.... I'm only eating it because of the goodness of eggs...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Kitchen - New Gadget

Joe moved into his new accommodation roughly 2 months ago. It seriously needed kitchen appliances to make it a home...

We took advantage of Myer's Mid-season Sale on the weekend to get him a coffee machine. Nespresso was doing a 15% discount plus $50 cashback. Thats pretty good. Also, there was a new range of Delonghi machines called the Citiz range...and its supposed to be shaped like skycrapers...long and skinny.. unlike my machine 'Le Cube' which is cube-y in shape...

We also got a fridge/freezer unit from the country town's Retravision....which got delivered the next day! These country people are very efficient! Delivery and installation was free too! 

Now my hubbie's kitchen is complete. 

Actually, he needs a wok or sautepan too....That'll be my next shopping trip then.. I'm thinking some Le Creuset pots..hmmmm....haha...NAH!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

(Can't let the rabbit getaway during Easter even though I don't know why the rabbit plays a role on this day. We should be remembering the true reason behind Easter, the celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection and a new life for all sinners)

Been indulging in wayyyyyy too much chocolates..

I'm loving these chocolates nowadays:
- E-Royce's Chocolate Amande (especially the dark choc coated)
- Valrhona 70% Grand Cru (thx u Yi for the luxurious chocs!)

Eggs are used on Easter as a symbol of new life...and I was given free eggs from my butcher! Yayness to the max! It was no ordinary was Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs. They cost $6.20 doz. I usually either buy these or the South Gippsland Free Range Eggs. I know there's always the debate on whether to buy Free Range or not.... Cost is a big issue...and also the animal cruelty part... but these Kangaroo Island eggs are HUGE, their shells are a paler shade...and their yolk are really orangey! 

The butcher cut off half the carton cos he gave me 1/2 a doz eggs

Check out these eggs!!! Can you spot which is the odd egg (none Kangaroo Island)

To finish off, this came in the mail the other day from Yi....
My Easter package! Filled with gourmet chocolates (Valhrona and Simon & Johnson)
- the lego dog is so cute....
- pity the wrapping paper tore (bad postman)

Happy Easter everyone....

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Melbourne International 
Flower & Garden Show

It was a rainy day and three girls ventured to the Carlton gardens..
We walked about looking at displays..
Laughing and giggling at silly things..

Got 3 pots of free flowers from the Mitre 10 man..
They are currently living in my kitchen sink..
Will get them a potted home soon..

Had to satisfy my corn craving..
I knew I had to get them after bypassing 2 stalls
Even though it was $4 each!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Where in Melbourne can one get such a view? 

It is none other than our Eureka tower!
I was up there (Skydeck) on the 14th March partaking in the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival event called "The Last of the Summer Wines and a basket full of Stone Fruits" at the Eureka 89 restaurant. It was a belated birthday /Joe finishing his GP exam dinner. 

We didn't do the touristy thing of going into the viewing block that zooms in and out....because we were actually on the upper level.... but the lift ride up to the 88th or 89th floor was SCARILY fast..... The lift actually required several attempts to close its door and bring us up due to the strong wind draft!!! 

Its been a while since i last made an entry of foodie things. 
So Feast up! (I'll try my best to remember what they were)
Roaming appetizers - Can't remember

There was a Quail Starter dish - but i think we forgot to take a picture (or i misplaced it)

Fish = Hapuka with apricots, tapioca pearls (smaller than those from Lucky Cup!) with some pansy which I ate also. It was so-so.....

Pork - Joe said "My wife can do a better pork than this"
It was some slow cooked pork with nectarine....but it was pretty dry. I think if some old guy with saliva deficiency ate it, he might have choked and died on Eureka tower! It'll make frontpage of The Age newspaper.

Dessert - probably the best dish of the night
Its peach with crumbled biscuity thing..served with cream??? 

Maybe because the chef had to prepare 80 - 90 serves of the same food that night, that they couldn't control the quality of the food....

It wasn't a truly nice dinner.... the view was good though!

I probably wouldn't go there again.... 
So my review for Eureka 89 = So So only....