Monday, December 12, 2005

Trip Back
This was the most 'bestest' flight back to Malaysia ever. I got to sit on the newly refurbished Boeing 777. Leg room was INCREDIBLE...i actually had to stand up to reach the magazine holder!!! Seats could be adjusted to lay flat like a bed...comfy duck down doona and pillow. Excellent food and drinks....good service....All that made the trip too short!!! Gold Class..I'm Lovin it!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dino Dog

Muffin was in a doggy hotel while we were cruising. The first thing I did when he got home was to give him a big scrub. Being silly me....I made him into a Dinosaur complete with spikes on his back. COOL but definately an UNHAPPY looking pomeranian. Sorry Muff..
Must go Shopping

I love to shop around even in a teeny weeny town like Echuca. Thats the Victorian side of the Murray. There was this really cute but overpriced lolly store with a christmas tree decorated with candy canes. Can't do that in will turn into a tree full of ANTS! Yikes! Nasty little buggers.

Christmas decor everywhere in that town. Wanted to buy the cinnamon sticks but can't carry it back to M'sia ( i wanted the HUGE one...its just me being greedy).

The little worms and cookie man are from Beechworth bakery... Yummmy looking. Didn't buy them (I don't need more visits to the dental clinic).
Boat Trip

I was away last weekend with some friends on the Murray on board the Bella Casa houseboat. The houseboat was GREAT! Didn't even felt like it was afloat. I got to drive the houseboat as well..not that hard. We had chinese, aussie BBQ, authentic Thai and saucy mexican food all in one weekend. It was a relaxing and Oh-too-much food getaway. Checkout the breathtaking sunset, MEAT galore and the houseboat (with a Jacuzzi on the top deck).

Friday, December 02, 2005

Taxi Dining (Not that great afterall)

Finally we got a seat! But we think the food is over-rated. Looks good but taste crap! I definately won't be going back there... The crab gyoza wasn't delightful because everything just seemed like it was BLENDED and wrapped together on a bed of seaweed. The sushi was nice though. Maybe sushi bar next time?