Sunday, January 29, 2006

My favourites

More CNY must haves.

1) Big Mandarin oranges from China (super juicy + sweet)
[ the uglier it appears, the nicer it tastes!]

2) A goodie box which contains all sorts of treats for visitors to your house
[ contents: preserved dried fruits, lollies, fish sticks (my fav)...nuts..etc]
[ I hand carried this wooden box all the way from HK for mum ]

3) The Sticky cake (Nien Gao) The one I have here is of a Fish (from HK). Not edible!
The edible kind is round and usually brown. This one is for decor!

4) Money loaded ANG PAOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

2006 Year of the Dog...

Some fireworks display in my city...a week before CNY

My favourite CNY flower decor. I dunno what they call it in English but in Mandarin its called 'Lak Mei'. Soft and fluffy.....cute^^

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Hongkie food

Now our daily routine is :

1) Wake up around 8 am
2) Have Annie's breakfast which includes a bowl of birdnest soup cooked in milk
3) Whisked off to Tsim Ta Sui Office by Lau suk suk (uncle Lau) @ 8.45 am
4) 9.15 newspaper...check email....
5) 10.30 am....ready to hit the stores!!!!! Harbour City here I come!!!! DAMN EXPENSIVE...
6) 5.30 pm...Lau suk suk drives us home..
7) 6.30 pm have dinner....(charging up energy for more trips down the hill to Mongkwok)
8) 7.30 pm....Joe and Van already amongst the crazy shoppers
9) 10.00 pm...time for daily dose of Dessert before bed time...(usually 'Tai Fu Fa')

Yeah so u can imagine us...eating all the time. I gave up taking pictures after awhile...cos everyone was staring at us.... as though we're from some weird place...taking pics of food so ordinary to them.

The streets of Mongkwok is many food stalls and the most famous Women's Street (Lui Yan Gai) where u get so much cheap stuff....fake Gucci, Hermes, LV, u name it they've got it! QUality is actually pretty good! Even little Bridal gowns were so cheap...HKD 150 ( ~ AUD 25 !!!!!!). I took this picture to show it to my friend Ruth who's getting married in June.... She should ask Joe's mum to buy it for her!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Destination....Hong Kong

Disneyland HK is finally open! Not the whole thing....and they're still charging HKD 295 per entry! WHAT THE!! get back all our money's worth we basically went on every ride they had to offer..even queued to take pics with good old Donald duck, mickey and all.

There's this special mickey mouse train that takes you to the Disneyland....the handles on the train are so CUTE!!!! Mickey ears.... Sorry guys...its just that Disneyland makes its visitors a bit 'YOUNG' all of the sudden.

Not to forget...the dim sum there was AWESOME! Checkout the size of the Har Gao...Massive!!!!! Yeah, the bill was a killer too...hehhehe. But eating good food is important so that makes everything alrite.