Monday, January 21, 2008

We Got Married!!!!!

This is not our wedding photo (that would be pretty sad if it was). This was taken on boxing day while we're on our way to HK onboard Cathay Pacific...CX 135. I'll load the pictures when we actually get them back from the photographer (which reminds me....I should call him to tell him that we're back).

Our world tour wedding has finally ended and we were very lucky to spend a week on Koh Samui island....doing tourisy stuff (beach/spa-massages) and most importantly MORE EATING. The place we stayed was called Tongsai Bay and it is absolutely AWESOME...... I highly recommend it to everybody who wants a nice getaway where you get treated like royalties and get fed like one too....the service is amazing. They don't even want you to walk (they have buggies that take you everywhere). We were so sad the night before we left......we didn't want to we decided we have to come back again!!!!!!! Oh my goodness and the food at the restaurant was amazing...and I got the chance to learn a few dishes from the famous chef herself Chef Chom. I even have a certificate of Excellence from her...hahahhaa....Guess who's a Thai convert now? THAI COOKING HERE I COME............(in the next few weeks)

Checkout the toilet at Koh Samui Airport...

Can you see the monkey's side profile?