Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Year Older, another year wiser? 

(cake from my dental buddies from Brunneti's)

Turned 28!! What more can I say? Time is cruel...but it hasn't been that bad towards me. Changes I've noticed since I'm no longer 21 (i.e getting OLD) include:

1) Lower metabolic rate 
    (i.e get chubby faster)
2) Need to sleep earlier 
    (battery runs out after midnight)
3) Liking the colour red
    (i use to complain to mum why she likes red so much...think when u get older, the cells in  your brain 
   tells you to pick RED stuff) Hence the recent purchase of the red chicken, the red laptop case, 
    red pencil case, hmm i should stop here)
4) Enjoying going for walks with the dog after dinner 
    (ease digestion)
5) Going to the butcher on weekends 
    (and becoming friends with the guy that sells me meat)
6) Nagging the husband about leaving his socks everywhere except in the laundry basket
7) Remembering the price of fruits at different supermarkets
8) Loving to have fresh flowers at home
9) Getting excited about Kitchen gadgets
10) I shall stop here...

So what did Van do on her birthday?
- went up to Colac on Friday (day before before) to visit the hubby (bringing some Koko Black chocolates for him, but i ate 50% of the chocs while waiting for him in the library). I can't believe I ate in the library. Such a rebel! All those years being the school librarian and eventually the Head Librarian in primary school has taught me nothing... I guess all i wanted was just to wear that Gold badge. Can't believe I thought it was COOL to be a librarian then.... Now that I think back, its so geeky, nerdy... and so me :)
- drove back to Melbourne on birthday and spent the night at cousin David's engagement dinner. We didn't do anything because the hubby is busy preparing for his GP exams.
- Sunday, the day after my birthday. The hubby said he'll take me to my favourite breakfast place (Porgies and Mr Jones). 
I said, "OK, but I bought Ricotta and was going to make us some ricotta hotcakes. Lets just eat home, don't need to waste money laaa"
Hubby replied, "Its your birthday!!! I'll take you there."
I answered, "I'll get changed then"

My phone rang 10 mins later, and it was from a friend in Sydney and below are our conversation. (Stef, Joe, Me)

"Hey Missy, happy belated birthday. R u there yet?"
"What do you mean am I there yet? I'm at home la. Where am I supposed to be?"
"Aren't you supposed to be at Porgies?"
"How did you know?" .... "OHHHHHHHHH"
"OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....... I thought you'd be there by now"
"JOEEEEEEEEEEE, i think you might want to speak to Stef"
"STEFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! Ok, now I can tell her to hurry up since its no longer a surprise"
"Fai Di La.... people are waiting!"
"Thank you lou gungggg... I Heart You"

Surprise Numbah 2 came yesterday, three days after my birthday.
- my uni buddies Hannah and Chrystella made a pact to go watch Slumdog Millionaire at the Moonlight Cinemas @ The Botanical
- Hannah mentioned during lunch
" Lets catch dinner before watching Slumdog, ok?"
" Ok, I feel like having Pho"
" Hmm Lets have pizza at this place on Faraday St called D.O.C, Chrystella said its pretty good"
" Ok, whatever"

When we got there,
"How did Lincoln know we're here for dinner? And even Noor is here!!"
"I booked a table for 8 people"
"Hannah, you booked a table???"
"Its your Birthday Dinner!!!!"
I heart you all!!!!

Thank you everyone for giving me such a fantastic birthday! 

And there are my lovely lovely lovely presents. Think I'm spoilt now..... 

Hanna's Homemade Rumballs (without any rum)

The beautifully wrapped present form Yi (weighed a few kilos!!) and contained a library of cookbooks

Sweet smelling Lychee flower body butter from Louise

Romantic vintage roses and an inspirational book from Stef. 
(Stef, if you're reading this, You being in Melbourne was the surprise)
(Stef, Enjoy Italy, send us a postcard ok?)

Fragrant Eucalypt serving board from the Khoos
(You didn't forget that we wanted one after we saw yours!)

So what did the hubby get me?
He got me my MacBook Air Yay!!!!! It was a combined Valentine's and Birthday pressie. I am such a spoilt wifey.... Who doesn't like being spoilt by your loved one? I don't mind at all..... :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Hyacinths & Chicken

These are the two things that I absolutely adore
Hmm besides the other million things that seem to reduce my bank balance

Few things about me:
1) I love eating chicken
2) I don't like eating lamb stuff
3) I'm scared of porky smell (thats why always buy female pork)
4) Beef...must be cooked til its blood please.
5) Love flowers...except smelly ones (i.e very few...maybe only stargazers)
6) Love flowers (did i already mention it?)

I stumbled across this beautiful/dangerous shop in Auburn 2 weeks ago. I call it a BLACK shop because once you step into the shop, your nose is filled with the most enchanting smell of lavender, bergomet, camomile, etc etc..and I'm certain a spell was cast on me because money flew out of my purse not long after..... but I was a happy....even though i was a few bucks poorer.

The shop is called Handmade @ 134 Auburn Road, Auburn. Will remember to post pictures of any items I purchase from there. 

This Chicken thing I bought from there is actually a door stopper. Its made from some suede-flannel like material, and its filled with lavender, camomile and all things nice. I can't bear it sitting on the floor (just in case my dog decides he wants to pee on it) so I've placed it on our chinese round dining table with my Hyacinths. Note the teapot doubling as a vase! The chicken comes in a smaller size, and different colours...for the ward off any moths or pesty insects. 

Oh and lunch/dinner this week was Grilled Cha-su with cold Soba noodles + miso soup. I made enough to last me two dinners and two lunches. I was pretty sick of it after that....... 

Sorry about taking so many pics starring the Chicken

Will upload my birthday post soon!!