Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 DIY

Do you like my rustic Christmas wreath? Its made of intertwined rattan, and decorated with red/green/yellow wooden buttons. Oh I don't think you'd believe I actually made it... :P The wreath came 'naked' and I sewed the buttons onto it..and tied the massive green ribbon. Ta daaa... easy easy. The houses on my street tend to not decorate (exterior) during Christmas. They would only put a wreath..and I think its really nice that way. Too much Christmas lights are kinda Over The Top unless you're entering the Christmas Lights competition which happens yearly and the residents of Oakleigh/Heidelberg go crazy with the lights. You can probably see their houses from the moon :P

I did take a few other photos of our Christmas tree and our trustworthy mascot Muffin in his costume but its on the other camera and I havent loaded it yet. Will update this post once I get it done....

Monday, December 20, 2010

I GRADUATED !!!! Now I have the License to Drill

On the 4th Dec 2010, I finally graduated after 5 long years. My friends came to congratulate me and showered me with sooooo many flowers. I love love flowers...
Thank you x 999 (You braved the crazy summer heat)...

When I got home, I had to dismantle most of the bouquets and put the flowers into every single vase, bottle I could find (e.g milk bottles, glasses, etc). My house turned into a floral shop and there was pollen everywhere... I had to load up on the antihistamines :)

I will officially start drilling on Monday 31/1/11...and I wonder how long I'll stay in the Australian work force before making the move to another land (to be revealed slowly)... Wish me luck! Hopefully no screamers on my Day 1 (fingers crossed).