Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Embarrassing Moments
(image by Garance Dore)

This happened in 2010 April/May when I was shopping in HK with the husband and the mother-in-law. We were hunting for a bag for Joe's aunt who resides in Malaysia. So we were browsing in Salvatore Ferragamo @ TST. When suddenly a beautiful bag caught my eye sitting there on the side table next to the shoes. I quickly walked over....picked it up and admired it and thought:

"Gee... this display bag is kinda heavy. Its so beautiful. Since when did Ferragamo make a Hermes Birkin bag look-a-like?"

Sales lady: "Excuse Miss, this bag belongs to the lady trying on her shoes over there"

-______________________- """"""""

ZOMG...I was so red faced...... And yes my husband saw me doing the crazy deed. I had to dash quickly back to the bag section...and pretended that never happened. Thank goodness the onwer of the bag did not see me.......

Thats why I put up a picture drawn by Garance Dore of a lady carrying a Birkin.